An Edmonds Kind of Council Candidate


I remember talk about the desirability of “It’s an Edmonds Kind of Day” as a Chamber of Commerce slogan for the City. Those not in favor argued that it didn’t really mean anything.

I beg to differ.

“…An Edmonds Kind of Day” is one when Wally at the Antique Store lets you take a piece of furniture home to see if it works and refuses the collateral offered. It is one when you are on the sidelines at yet another soccer game, reveling in the sunshine or lamenting the rain with the other parents. It is a day, like Christmas Eve, when Nelson Carpet Cleaners come to the rescue, saving your carpet from the half gallon of spilled paint- and insist you can’t pay because it’s a present. It is one when Peyton at the Post Office greets you by name, when Lilly at Garden Gear automatically processes the veteran’s discount on your order because she remembers that you served, and one when you hear Debbie Johnson’s cheerful voice ring out from the reception desk in the halls of the Francis Anderson Center. “An Edmonds Kind of Day” is when your mother-in-law tells you a funny story about a kind local plumber and you immediately know to whom she’s referring. Or a new acquaintance shares that his neighbor has served on every City citizens’ board and you smile to yourself because you don’t have to ask their neighbor’s name. You know exactly who it is.


My husband Greg and I moved here 17 years ago. We have had the good fortune to raise our two girls, Olivia and Paige, in the embrace of this community. And it is our sincere hope that they will be back again after college. We love the seasonal Saturday Farmer’s Market, our hometown 4th of July festivities, Yost Park Pool, the Halloween family street party in DTE, the annual Polar Bear Plunge, and Desmond.

Meadowdale Beach Park is my happy place.

Like many engaged citizens here, I have invested in our community. I have served on the Edmonds Citizens’ Tree Board these last few years (serving as Vice Chair and Co-Chair in different years) and have gotten my hands dirty, literally, at countless park work parties. Recently I joined the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation Board, and am excited to have played a small role in the historic transition from the Senior Center to the Intergenerational Waterfront Center. In the 2000’s I spent several years as a member of the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce and Friends of the Edmonds Library (I served on the board of the latter). In various summers, I have played minor and major roles in our legendary Taste of Edmonds event, including Waste Warrior Chair this year and two years ago. Four Edmonds School District schools have had my participation as a volunteer in classrooms and PSO activities, and I’m proud of playing a key role in putting on the class-wide “Safe and Sober” graduation party at Edmonds Woodway High School.


I am “an Edmonds Kind of” Council Candidate - from our past and for our collective future. Partner with me to ensure that the future will meet the needs of the next generations, and just as importantly, that it holds many “Edmonds Kinds of Days” for them to enjoy!