Focus Areas

Tap the Potential of the People

Write-up in process.  Please check back on March 6th.

How do we get inputs from the  citizens ((specifically those who will be affected and those with relevant education or experience)?

While many speak of citizen engagement and collaboration, there has not to my knowledge been a concrete roadmap to achieving it on a widespread, inclusive, and routine way.

Here is my roadmap. 

The destination is the change you help create.

I will show up at meetings you are already attending- ENAC, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, church, HOA, etc.. If you haven't seen me recently- or if there is something you want to talk about- invite me.

In addition, I will maintain this website so you can find the events I am hosting such as

1) monthly neighborhood "talk and walks" at three locations, and 

2) an office hour at Harbor Square Athletic Club on Wednesdays.  

At these I will share the agendas from the last four council meetings and those upcoming and ask of those present  "what items are pertinent to you?"  and " who do you know who should be 'at the table' for these conversations?"

The deliverables: better policy, better support for policy, more trust, lower costs

ID and work on the immediately actionable parts of the "difficult but important" issues


 Proper stewardship of the environment, affordable housing, supporting the homeless, parking, economic development, race relations... On all subjects, I will stay in the room with difference and use The 3 Practices Group Method created by Jim Henderson and Jim Hancock.  I know it is the vehicle for finding the answers among our many different ideas and perspectives.

Whenever we un-earth an element that we can tackle, let's tackle it.  I would pose that most big issues are just a series of small issues.  

Codify Charm


Our downtown is charming and we want to keep it that way.  

With MANY of our one-story downtown buildings approaching the end of their life, our charming downtown will be another version of charming - or not- based on what the codes and architectural design board allow to be built in their stead.

Citizens- 1) We need to define what charming is, and 2) we need to study other cities which have downtowns with the two and three stories/ 30 foot buildings authorized by our current code that we consider charming.

When we figure out how it was achieved, we can ensure it happens here.  Developers, architects, builders, land-use lawyers, current and past members of our Edmonds planning and architectural design boards -please lend your expertise and volunteer to join me in this endeavor. By providing our citizen vision for charm-and our ask for code revision and architectural design board guidance that complies with it- to the planning staff that writes the codes, we will highly increase the chances that we will love DTE in 2039 as much as we love the one we have today.